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Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are required by legislation for all properties for sale or rent, virtually the only buildings not requiring an EPC are buildings used for religious purposes, holiday lets or those due for demolition before the sale is complete.

Flats, Bungalows Houses, Hotels and all types of Business premises now require an EPC on them if they are put up for sale or rent. It is the owners or landlords responsibility to supply the EPC and there are substantial fines for non-compliance from £200 up to £5000!

An EPC is valid for 10 years and goes with the building not the owner, so if you have bought a property with an EPC supplied for it you can use that EPC for your sale or rent of that building until the EPC reaches its ten years validity date.

It's important to realise that the graph you see on the Estate Agents details is just one small part of the EPC. There is an in-depth report available which you have a legal right to request for any property that you are interested in buying or renting, ask the Estate Agent and they can normally forward you a copy by email very quickly.

There is a lot of potentially very useful information contained within the EPC that can save you hundreds £'s over the coming years, an EPC is very useful even if you are not selling or renting your property to easily see where savings can be made.

Sycamore Energy Assessors have made recommendations in EPCs they have carried out which could save hundreds of thousands of £'s if the recommendations are carried out. Why not have an EPC on your property today, Sycamore Energy will work with you to carry out an initial assessment, make recommendations to improve your score and then carry out a final assessment at your instruction.

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The EPC is expressed on a scale of 1-100, the higher the better and the ratings are grouped in bands from A-G, where A is the highest efficiency and the current national average rating is in Band E.

The EPC is a non-invasive assessment and no sampling or destructive testing takes place, it is not necessary for the heating to be on or even functional at the time of the assessment.

All areas of the property will require access to including loft area, boiler rooms and rear access to the property is required, sometimes due to health and safety factors (lofts etc.) may not be safe to inspect.

An EPC assessment takes between 1/2 an hour to an hour to complete on site depending on the size and complexity of the property, with the property details obtained at the site assessment, the DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor) can then determine the EPC score through the Government approved software.

The Assessor will determine the age of the property, the style of build, the heating system and controls along with any insulation or double glazing present to gain accurate information required for your EPC. To see an example of what a 4 page Energy Performance Certificate looks like please click here.

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Sycamore Energy Assessors Ltd are members of the Elmhurst Energy Accreditation scheme.
Sycamore Energy Assessors Ltd. carry full and comprehensive insurance of £2 million and have probably carried out more EPCs than any other Independent Energy Assessment Company in the East Midlands with over 12000 EPCs being supplied over the last 9 years since EPCs were introduced.

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